Daniel Zwick

Loan Officer

LIC #2234751

[Online] YouTube Quick Trick

Get Your Next YouTube Video To Rank #1 On Google Searches

Wednesday, November 9th @ 10 AM

2022/11/09 10:00:00 MST

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About the Webinar

As more and more consumers shift to video marketing to make decisions, we all know we need to be present in the video space.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, and the second most popular search engine after Google, YouTube is quickly becoming #1 place to reach consumers.

However, as busy professionals it's hard enough to consistently record content, let alone figure out how to effectively use YouTube and get your videos rank high on Google searches.

With a few quick techniques, you'll be able to get your next YouTube video to rank #1 on Google searches, helping drive potential clients to your content.

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About the Speakers

Daniel is a Mortgage Loan Officer licensed in Iowa and Arizona. After running a restaurant for 11 years, and investing in real estate along the way, he decided to combine his interests in finance with his love of helping others achieve the goal of home ownership and pursue a career in lending.

As a loan officer, he prides himself on going above the normal duties of a loan officer and finding new ways to add value to his realtor partnerships. For too long the LO/Realtor relationship has been very one sided. With the goal of helping his partners succeed and grow their businesses, he is constantly looking for ways to add value to make sure his partners are set up for success and continual growth in their businesses.

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Get Your YouTube Video to Rank #1 on Google!

Let's get your next YouTube video to rank #1 on Google in 24 hours - join us at the live webinar on Wednesday, November 9th @ 10 AM

Daniel Zwick

Loan Officer

LIC #2234751